Offset mortgage Offset Mortgage Explained

Offset Mortgage Explained

What is an offset mortgage? Offset mortgage can be explained as a type of mortgage-linked to an offset saver bank account. The mortgage balance is offset with the savings account balance and interest is charged only on this subtracted amount. There are two main ways to utilize the offset option named as reducing the monthly …

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Reasons for Mortgage Declines Reasons for Mortgage declines

Reasons for Mortgage declines

Reasons for mortgage declines can be classified into several main categories. You may or may not have had this experience with a lender or mortgage broker. Lenders consider credit profile, mortgage affordability, suitability of the subject property, age of retirement, proof of income, proof of address and so many other factors. A mortgage decline will …

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Mortgage during pandemic How to Remortgage during COVID- 19 Pandemic

How to Remortgage during COVID- 19 Pandemic

The mortgage industry is going through a challenging period due to the current pandemic. Therefore, it is critical to identify key features in terms of dealing with remortgage applications. Mortgage Product Transfer If your current fixed deal is coming to an end and it is time for a remortgage, the perfect solution for you during …

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